I’m tired of being told that if I don’t support one side, I’m helping the other side win.

I don’t believe there are only two sides.
The other side is not the enemy.*
  • The Democrats are not your enemy.
  • The Republicans are not your enemy.
  • Donald Trump is not your enemy.
  • Nancy Pelosi is not your enemy.
The enemy is the one that wants you to believe that those other folks are the enemy.
When you can be distracted to point across the aisle, you can’t focus on what really does make our country great**.
What is that?
Not our nationality, but our beliefs.***
  • Belief that all people are created equal.
  • Belief that all are endowed by their creator with inalienable rights.
  • Belief that therefore each person is entitled to respect just for being alive.
So: quit sharing those pictures with sayings on them that look clever and make the other side look bad.
Half of them are lies and the other ones are out of context.

You have power. You can do your part to stop the madness that’s tearing us apart.

*There is an enemy. The enemy is manipulating both sides. (Some say this is Putin, others Satan. Doesn’t matter. They are not mutually exclusive.)
**Or any country, if they’ll practice it.
***They’ve been imperfectly implemented. That doesn’t mean they’re wrongl